Hangboard Workout

A hangboard is a piece of equipment that allows a climber to increase their finger and hand strength by hanging from different sized holds. Hangboards come in all shapes and sizes so just go to google images and take a look.

The first thing to know about hangboarding is that it’s hard on the body. You need to make sure that you are doing it correctly and that you aren’t overdoing it.

Here is an image from  Climbing Magazine  that shows the correct form you should have while hangboarding.


You’ll have to set up your own hangboard if your gym doesn’t have one. Depending on your apartment or house, you can set it up in different ways or places (mine’s in the garage). Look up what’s best for you.

Now, here’s your workout. Start at the largest hold and work your way to the smallest.  If you can’t hold on the entire time, put some weight on your toes so you’re still getting the time in.

Make sure you warm up first. Jumping jacks, run, stretch out your forearms. Do not do this cold.

 15 seconds (largest hold)

1 minute rest

12 seconds

1 minute rest

8 seconds

1 minute rest

4 seconds (smallest hold)

1 minute rest

Repeat the set 4 times

I suggest finding a timer app that works best for you. When this starts getting too easy, you can either increase the length of your hang or decrease the size of the hold.

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